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DELIVERY dispatch riders deliver in Uyo metropolis at the cost of N500 per delivery and free delivery for purchases above N10,000. However, for orders outside Uyo metropolis, delivery is via courier services with associated shipping fees. delivery takes place between 9:00am to 6:00pm on Mondays to Saturdays within Uyo metropolis.


All item(s) delivered in good condition must be duly signed and accepted on delivery. Any item(s) to be returned must be returned by the customer within 24 hours with proof of purchase. For customers outside Uyo metropolis, items should be returned within 48 hours.


Payment(s) is to be effected on delivery of item(s) within Uyo metropolis via mobile transfer,cash or POS. However, payment must be made in full for orders outside Uyo metropolis.


All customers shall be entitled to a full refund within 48 hours of returning any item(s) delivered. However, delivery charges are non-refundable.

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