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Online Pharmacy

We provide easy access to good quality Over-the-counter (OTC) and ethical medicines. However, we do not mail or deliver controlled drugs.
Send your prescriptions and queries to us via email (ipharmng@gmail.com) or
connect and chat with us on social media (instagram, facebook and Twitter): @ipharmng
You may also reach us via telephone: 09077773666


Health Information

We offer tons of reliable & accurate health information to our numerous patients, clients and care givers for health promotion and disease prevention in order to improve health outcomes and quality of life.
“Information provided here is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any disease condition. iPharm.ng does not replace your Doctor or other healthcare professionals, as such we strongly recommend you visit the hospital when you are sick”

Home Delivery

We offer free home delivery within Uyo metropolis (terms and conditions apply). However, delivery charges outside Uyo metropolis is as determined by the delivery agents.


Payment on delivery is only available to orders placed within Uyo metropolis. All deliveries outside Uyo can only be effected after due payment. Payment options include; Cash, Bank Transfer and POS.